Start Selling on Amazon – Semrush Certification Answers 2022

  1. Anything you sell on Amazon is profitable after Amazon fees.
  2. For what reasons could your account not be approved to sell on Amazon, or get suspended? Choose 2 correct answers.
  3. How can Semrush help optimize your Amazon listing?
  4. How do authors qualify for the 70% royalty option for Kindle books or eBooks?
  5. How does Fulfillment by Amazon work? Choose 2 correct answers.
  6. How many staff members can you add to your Amazon Seller Central account as sub-users?
  7. In the simplest terms, how does Amazon prioritize listings?
  8. It is important to only list in-stock items on Amazon. Your account can be suspended for cancelling more than 2.5% of your total customer orders.
  9. It’s possible for your product to take the top position in Amazon if: (Chose 3 correct answers)
  10. The best way to see if you are allowed to sell a product on Amazon is to see if someone else is selling it already.
  11. What metric should you watch when you are only shipping items using the Fulfilment by Amazon program?
  12. What platform is for large brands and requires an invite to join?
  13. What platform should you use if you want to sell physical products that are not print on demand?
  14. What program helps you protect your intellectual property as well as grant you access to tools to help you build and promote your brand on Amazon?
  15. What should you keep in mind when thinking about the cost of sending products to Amazon warehouses?
  16. Where can you report to Amazon the misuse of your trademark or a copyright violation?
  17. Where can you sell print-on-demand physical products like t-shirts and sweatshirts?
  18. Where can you sell your eBook on Amazon?
  19. Which fees can be difficult to calculate without an Amazon calculator?
  20. Which seller platform allows companies to sell to Amazon and has Amazon be the seller of record?
  21. Why would you want to register for Amazon Brand Registry for your brand before advertising on Amazon?

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