What’s a possible way to optimize toward a $10 cost per action (CPA) goal if your current CPA is $50?

Here is the answer to this question: Set a $10 goal, and bid very high. Set a CPA goal of $60, and then incrementally increase the goal over time. Set a $45 CPA, and then continue to lower it in $5 increments over time. Set the counting method to include only a percentage of the post-view … Read more

Why would you use fixed manual bidding for a line item instead of leaving it to automated algorithmic bidding?

Here is the answer to this question: You know the targeted audience is especially valuable and you want to make an extra effort to reach it. Because you can factor in more variables than Bid Manager Because you have enough performance data and no longer need the algorithm to make estimates To see if your intuition … Read more

Why is defining a primary goal the first step of optimizing your online advertising campaign?

Here is the answer to this question: It’s the first field you fill out when starting a new campaign in Bid Manager. It tells you how to configure your campaign to be effective until you have performance data to guide you. Campaign budget is based on goal, from lowest when creating loyalty to highest for awareness … Read more